RECYCLING 2021 – Broken Glass

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Recycling: The sad story of broken glass from Dardanos (Turkey) that transforms into my souls, and the broken ones into my jewelry.

Lovesickness is most of the time quenched from the bottles on the beaches, then the empty bottles are pounded into the ground with grief. They turn into large and small pieces of glass. Man leaves his sharp fear and anger to the beach, withdraws, beaten and broken. Sea, waves, sand, gravel are the remedy for sharp splinters of glass that are full of problems. You take it in and wrap it up. Sometimes they reach the shore where the sun is burning. Then they take it again and hug it. Sharp shards of glass are healed day by day with the healing power of the sea. They lose their sharpness, their color, become softer and slightly cloudy.

recycling broken glass jewelry

Materials I use in recycling jewelry

How forgiving is nature, despite the brutal destructiveness of the people. She hugs and forgives him over and over again. He never gets tired of the transformation. He won’t let go. Nature does not consume like us, does not throw it away. He won’t let go of him. It may change, but it will always be good and beautiful. Just like turning coal into diamonds.

I spend the summers in Dardanos. I love long walks on the beach and enjoy the sea, sand, sun and sunsets. I watch people walking just like me. Most people collect shells, sea snails, starfish and colorful pebbles from the sea as a souvenir of the summer vacation. These shells and stones, which are magnificent with the magical waters of the sea, become dull and soulless after a while when they are taken out of the sea. Unfortunately, they go in the trash can in winter as they are dry and have lost all their beauty.

recycling broken glass jewelry

My attention is always drawn to the hazy “broken heart pieces” in the most beautiful shades of ice white, brown, green and turquoise. The old glass in which the sea heals its wounds and removes its sharpness are the fractures of today. Here I love to collect them, to touch them. Because I’m passionate about things that have a story that ever happened. Some have unrequited love, some have been betrayed, some have suffered from longing, some have separation pains, some poverty, some loneliness.

Bottles hit the beach, sometimes with anger, sometimes with longing, but always in despair, broken glass broken into hundreds of pieces. Who knows what stories each of them saw? I’m pretty sure they sighed when they were at sea. Because despite all the difficulties and sadness, I don’t know of any stronger healing spring than the sea.

I admire the old glass and today’s transformed lovesickness, whose grief hits the waves, melts with sand, tames with salt. The sea has transformed them. Now it’s my turn to transform that again. Every summer I collect these disappointments on the beach of Dardanos, transform them and make necklaces and / or earrings for myself.

The earrings, which I have turned from my collected “grief-shards”, whisper in my ear from time to time. People say they shouldn’t hurt us anymore. You thank the sea, the sand, the waves and me very much. They also wish you wonderful days without grief.

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