About me

Ebru Yaşınel dönüşüm pazarı sıfır atık

I was born in Çanakkale in November 1965. When I was a year old we moved to Istanbul. During my studies at the French high school for girls Saint Benoit on the one hand and at the ballet department of the Istanbul Conservatory on the other hand, I represented my country in the “Miss World” competition in London in 1983 as “Miss Turkey”. From my first marriage in 1987 I have two sons, 34 years old and 31 years old. In the early 2000s I lived in Kaş, Kalkan and then Bodrum for more than 10 years. I married my husband, whom I met in 2009, in 2014 and moved to Germany with him. We currently live in a cute little town near Bremen and are counting the days for my husband’s retirement. Our only dream is to go on long journeys with our motorhome and hang out freely from morning to evening.

Although I am an only child, in no time in my life have I been the princess and the pea. I’ve always loved collecting old things and making new things out of old. I’m a cloakroom rat with mother. Every time I’m with my mom I get confused and find something that definitely works for me. When I find something cheap in the bazaars, I’m excited like crazy. Even while I’m shopping, I think about what kind of manipulations and changes I can make.

Having my handwriting in everything from shoes, bags, clothing to jewelry and hair clips makes me indescribably happy. My child’s soul is very colorful and festive. I accept life for better and for worse. I never give up and I keep fighting. I owe my young and dynamic appearance to my love for old objects and my lack of financial ambitions. I laugh at those who break down for luxury. I’ve always preferred the simple life.

My admiration for animals and nature is endless. The cat’s beauty, aesthetics, and flexibility, as well as the ant’s strength and determination, are my main sources of inspiration. I know how important recycling is to our world that we borrowed from our children. As a recycling fighter, I will try to share with you my recent recycling designs and interesting articles I have written on my website on the subject. I hope you like it too. Hoping to live in a cleaner, greener, more beautiful world …

Kind regards
Ebru Yasinel